Saturday, 13 March 2010

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood 200mm bust

This is what i have been working on for the last two weeks, after visiting the cinema a few weeks ago and seeing the promo poster for the new Robin Hood film i knew straight away i wanted to do a bust of Russell Crowe playing the part of Robin Hood. The bust is in 1/9 scale (200mm) and is sculpted from Magic sculpt and duro, i will be tweeking the face more still to get it even closer to Russell Crowe but i am quite happy with the result so far.


dolores190 said...

Steve; This Tony aka captfue just took a tour of your site I'm quite impressed with your new works. The Russell Crowe is simply the best likness I've seen of an actulle person Great job mate.

steve readdie said...

Tony fantastic to hear from you mate, hope you are well.
Glad you like the Russell bust, the likeness has been hard to achieve but i am quite happy with how he turned out in the end.

All the best mate to you nad family