Friday, 16 May 2008

Will Smith `I Am legend` painting finished

Have finally finished the painting for this figure and will move onto making a suitable base for him to be mounted on next.All painting done with a mixture of Vallejo and craft store acrylics.The base will be a simple one composing of a small street section with the occasional weed growing to give it an abandoned and desolate look.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

1/35 figure conversion German to Russian

The idea to this project was to take two standard stock styrene figures and convert them from German to Russian.The two figures chosen were from the Dragon set `German infantry-Ukraine summer 1943`,i decided to use different heads for both figures as the ones provided were of poor casting and lacked any facial features.The torsos of both figures were carved back of all detail then new cloathing was sculpted using magicsculpt,equipment was used from Tamiya `Russian Assault Infantry`.I think this is a good answer to the ongoing problem of few russian figures available on the market.

1/35 Captured Krupp Protze

This is something i have been working on for some weeks now and requires the scratchbuilding of 13 figures in total to fit on to the truck.The story is that the Russians are using all vehicles possible to rush men to the front lines,in this case a captured german krupp Protze.The vehicle was designed to carry 6 personnel including the driver and i wanted to give it an overcrowded look,the vehicles suspension has been lowered to reflect the extra load being carried.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Kruger from the film `Cross Of Iron`

This is a bust I sculpted about a year ago inspired by the character Kruger,the bust was painted with acrylics and the scale is 1/10.I also have done a bust of Sergeant Steiner to go with this one in the same scale.

Will Smith `I Am legend`

This is the latest of my figure that i have sculpted,it represents will Smith from his latest movie `I Am Legend`.I have now started to paint the figure using acrylic paints,i am about 90% complete with this figure.some time in the near future i hope to sculpt his german shepheard dog `Sam` to go with the figure.The figure is in 1/16 scale and stands 120mm high.