Friday, 26 June 2009

75mm Winter German recce

This is a figure i started during the end of the napoleonic couple and is primarily sculpted in SuperSculpey(Polymer clay). There are some major benefits to using Polymers over epoxy putties the main one being the very long time you have to work with the putty without it hardening. I worked the upper body in several sessions over a week period without hardening the putty.
The theme behind this sculpt will be a two or three figure vignette showing German troops recce-ing there defensive position ready for a Russian offensive. This is the first of the three figures and i will try to make uniform variation between all three figures to add interest.
Still a couple of little things to finish on the figure including belt buckle, mp40 etc.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

75mm Chasseur a Chavel with Lady

Hi all after the long delay in posting i have finally finished something , this double figure piece is the reason for the long delay due to the detail work required and much research to be done as it is a subject i havent studied before.
I have tried to depict a scene of a Chasseur a Chavel officer escorting his lady on a summer evening walk or perhaps to a ball.
For the first time i have used a large proportion of grenstuff for the sculpting mixed in varrying proportions with magicsculpt which i find gave me better results especially with the detail work.