Monday, 1 February 2010

75mm Eleanor the Crusader

This is my second attempt at sculpting a female and my first venture into fantasy sculpting which i have really enjoyed and will definetely be doing more in the fantasy genre. The figure is my version of a female knight Templar on the crusades, she will be mounted on a cliff edge so as to give her a windswept look, i may add a cape yet but have not decided yet.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Great looking sculpture of a bit different subject! But I like it.
I also would like to do some fanatsy in the future.


steve readdie said...

marcel thanks it is very different from my normal stuff.

I think you will enjoy some fantasy sculpting, it gives you a lot more freedom to experiment.


Matt said...

Bl**dy lovin' this one mate! Excellent. Matt

steve readdie said...

Matt glad you drooped in to have a look mate, thanks for the words on the figure and im enjoying this venture into the fantasy realm.

All the best mate,