Monday, 6 July 2009

75mm Winter German recce

Started work on figure #2 and #3 now and this is how they will appear compsition wise in the final result. The middle figure will be wearing a custom tailored leather jacket over his panzer wrap. I havent decided a pose or cloathing combination for the third figure yet but im contemplating having him as an anti-tank man carrying a panzerfaust or possibly a artillary officer, not decided yet.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Great to see the progress on the second and third figure.This is going to be a very cool vignette.
Looking forward to see it finished.

All the best,

steve readdie said...

Marcel thanks for the comment mate, this is been a very enjoyable project and very unusual for me to sculpt WW2 German, i can see some of the attraction of the subject now after starting this one.

All the best mate