Thursday, 3 July 2008

1/16 scale Paratrooper Arnhem 1944

This is the latest figure i am sculpting and will represent a Paratrooper from the 2nd battalion the Parachute Regiment,Arnhem 1944.

For this project i have made the basic shape of the figure with Milliput over a wire frame,the lighter putty is Magicsculpt which i will use for the detailing of the figure.

i am basing the figure on the initial few days of the battle and hence the fact he is carrying lots of equipment,much of which would have been discarded over the coming days when it got down to house to house fighting.


Rudi Richardson said...

Nice start mate! I'll be following this one with eager anticipation :-)

steve readdie said...

Rudi thanks for dropping in again mate,i will of course post him up on HFM when complete.I have a Arnhem para 1/10 bust on the go also,will post him up soon.