Thursday, 8 May 2008

1/35 figure conversion German to Russian

The idea to this project was to take two standard stock styrene figures and convert them from German to Russian.The two figures chosen were from the Dragon set `German infantry-Ukraine summer 1943`,i decided to use different heads for both figures as the ones provided were of poor casting and lacked any facial features.The torsos of both figures were carved back of all detail then new cloathing was sculpted using magicsculpt,equipment was used from Tamiya `Russian Assault Infantry`.I think this is a good answer to the ongoing problem of few russian figures available on the market.


Chas Young said...

Hi Steve, this is Chas from HF. I've just seen this conversion of yours and may I say it is superb. Your groundwork is equally impressive. Good job mate and keep posting!

yhanuar first said...

nice figure, keep on great work

steve readdie said...

Yhanuar first thankyou for the kind comment,i will carry on my work the best i can and appreciate your support.